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Leak tight
The new Packo lid with integrated gasket prevents liquids from escaping or spilling out. Leak tightness is tested by resting pots on the lid and side for a certain period of time thus burdening the gasket. Learn more
Get some colour!
Colours are a persuasive design element of packaging that help to influence (consumer) behavior. CurTec gets a lot of requests for colour-customised products. We have lowered the MOQ of coloured drum lids to make customization more accessible to a wider audience. Learn more
UNU Mondo sets sail
CurTec is pleased to support Tobias, Sophie and their team during a 5-month sailing expedition into the Arctic. Their aim: to gather scientific data and testimonies from local communities to better anticipate climate change and promote concrete actions. Learn more
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CBD Expo Atlanta postponed
Like most other events, CBD Expo Atlanta, which was planned for end of June has been postponed until February 2021. Check our events calendar for all updates. Learn more
CurTec designs, manufactures and distributes high performance plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries, where hygiene, safety and quality assurance are imperative. Visit our website for more information or contact us:

UK & Ireland: +44 20 3514 4624
All other countries: +31 88 808 2052

Spoorlaan Noord 92, Rijen (The Netherlands)
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