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Need speed?
(View online to see animation) Reducing the process time of a Kiuso screw lid pail just became a lot easier. Watch Bram and Rob explain and demonstrate these brand new machines that help to increase the speed and security of closing. Learn more
What you think of CurTec
Although 2020 is not quite over yet, we already took time to look back at it from an angle that is most important to us, but especially to you: Customer Satisfaction. Learn more
Scanning for solutions
Measuring Customer Satisfaction is one way to drive innovation. Another great way to create packaging solutions is to gather customer intelligence by performing a Packaging Scan. Instructive, comprehensive AND onlineā€¦ Learn more
CurTec designs, manufactures and distributes high performance plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries, where hygiene, safety and quality assurance are imperative. Visit our website for more information or contact us:

UK & Ireland: +44 20 3514 4624
All other countries: +31 88 808 2052

Spoorlaan Noord 92, Rijen (The Netherlands)
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