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Plastic pellets are seen as the second biggest source of micro plastics that harm the environment. From a CSR perspective, CurTec has decided to become a member of Operation Clean Sweep® and formally commit to reducing the loss of pellets, flakes and powder during processing to zero. Learn more
Color for the AM world
CurTec's plastic Wide neck drums are highly suitable for AM powders because they protect vital material properties such as flowability with their unique water vapor tight screw closure. Besides all the functional aspects this is also a great example of how packaging can contribute to building brands. Learn more
How to best protect AM powder key properties
CurTec designs, manufactures and distributes high performance plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals industries, where hygiene, safety and quality assurance are imperative. Visit our website for more information or contact us:

UK & Ireland: +44 20 3514 4624
All other countries: +31 88 808 2052

Spoorlaan Noord 92, Rijen (The Netherlands)
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